African Mnandi Raw Honey


Bee African initiative.

Cultivating womans income.

Project that not only helps our African bee population grow stronger but is used as an initiative to help support local woman to become financially independent as it helps rural woman build skills and support their families. While providing quality products that support the eco system and our environment.

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Our raw Mnandi honey is wellness in a jar and it is ethnically harvested by rural women for employment creation with the following benefits:

  1. A natural sweetener. 1 teaspoon in your hot beverage reduces risk of heart diseases
  2. An immunity product packed with antioxidants
  3. Ease of application for home remedies
  4. Source of potent antibacterial properties as it is not irradiated
  5. Good source of energy
  6. Gives facial skin a glow when used as a mask (lemon juice mixed with honey)


See the initiative here


375g, 500g


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