Beginnings always find themselves in ends. Our relationship with time is as much a complicated one as the ones we have with spouses. When we think of time, our minds present it in a linear form and we speak them as memories, as situations and as future aspirations. whatever role time plays in your life from your daily rustle to your yearly review, all the way to your retirement planning one constant remains – time is relative to how much […]

It was my Ancestor.

Shaggy and Shady they may be, but the voices are in my head! Not a day goes by that I don’t think about what my life would have been like if anyone actually took me to be evaluated for mental health. My 9 year journey has been long and hard and I would admit to quite a number of total emotional meltdowns. If professionals were to ever do an evaluation I am sure medication would have been prescribed and some […]

Perceptions and their connections to Reality

MIND the GAP. I used to tell people I have a spider diagram mind. I would take one piece of information, enter it into the system and then each possible ending from that specific entry point would appear to me. This way I would always know, with a lot of conviction that I knew what would happen. I put 100% faith in the data I collected. A few years ago, I experienced the most traumatizing event of my life. a […]

What exactly is Nyamuka about?

Fungi, from legacy to legacy. My spiritual Journey really started in 2017. When I had a dream from God that i had 5 years to save South Africa and help its people be healthy.  4 years later and I have built a life around healing all kinds of people with a Natural and holistic approach. Nyamuka is the name of my ancestor that has driven me to the space I am in right now in my life. Nyamuka identifies as […]

The difference between a Homeopath & a Herbalist.

Extractions vs full plant use Homeopathic medicine is usually offered by a licensed homeopath. The benefit they have is that hey are able to work with plant extractions. They are herbal doctors that know so much about plants and how to treat patients holistically. Most homeopaths do not place an element of Mental wellbeing as a factor in the patients physical health. Some homeopaths offer additional natural healing like Reiki or acupuncture. They are able to produce products like creams, […]

Spiritual Healer

But do Sangomas even believe in a form of God? Who and what God is, have been on humans lips for thousands of years.  In my opinion, god is the picture you formed about life and all the ups and downs offered while experiencing it.  All ancient cultures believed in some form  an ultimate creator. This creator almost always takes spirit and enters it into human. This means we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. What you make […]

What exactly do Sangomas do?

The illegal Muti trade and the misconceptions between cultures leaves a whole world of ancient knowledge untapped. In African Communities Sangoma’s and traditional healing plays a large role in the choice people make when seeking health advice. Everyone grew up with a Sangoma close by, however even though respected, not everyone is so excited to make use of it. Many people fear Sangoma’s as they believe a Sangoma has the power to place evil spells or may even send a […]

Slow down….. I’ve got you.

Either the scariest thing for me to do or the stupidest.21 days to go. 3 weeks exactly from today I will be sleeping with a sheep for the night. Just so that it can be killed and consumed by me the next day…Graduation. Things are coming to a closure here for ithwasa and the new beginnings are starting to sprout. Skirts and bead work are done. Busy with the arm and headband beadwork. My fingers have blood blisters from the […]

What do you want?

At Insight light training centre this is a question that gets asked to you for 2 days straight. There is only one answer and no matter what you say they keep asking the question. Over and over until you get it. Turning point. It’s the name of 1 of 3 workshops they offer. Turning point is a 5 day programme that is held thru the night. Its designed so that you can face your hangups… clear the cup of all […]

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