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At Nyamuka we believe that every physical illness or condition developed after birth is linked to a psychological change made by either the socio or economic environment we live in. As well as any trauma that occurs during our life. While we aim to treat the physical illness and its symptoms with natural products by fixing the body’s natural balance. We also believe that some psychology is required to help “work through ” the underlying cause of the illness.

Our treatments are therefore very much a combined approach and recommended to ensure complete healing. Contact us today for a free telephonic consultation. Book an appointment at the convenience of your home or visit us for an in depth consultation.



I have been on a 9 year long journey to reach my goal of healing. It started with myself and now I am able to help others reach their potential. Leaving behind the business world for a life committed to helping others, Nyamuka.com is only the next step in the journey.

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