Loose yourself, in the moment – in the music.

Being alive is not the same as living.


I have a special spot for the role Eminem played in my life. I drew Immense amount of inspiration from him as a teenager who too, grew up in a less than classy household.

As children we might have a small idea about money and that some have it and others not. As a teenager and young adult we become more aware that money gives us access to comfort and to satisfy our wants. its why our dreams are so much bigger when we are young. once you start working and you deal with society you become more aware of your limitations due to your parents financial ability.

It is also the point in our lives where we make a very important decision. Am I worthy? , Am I good enough? How badly do I want to reach the dream I have?  If you had, one moment – one opportunity- to be everything you ever wanted, would you capture it. or let it slip away?

Most, immediately conclude that they are not able to reach the dream, and that the dream must be put on hold or forgotten until financial survival is not a daily threat. when we are comfortable enough to take the leap and finally believe in ourselves, our ability, our vision. first we need the house, then the car, then the furniture, then the cloths and the rest of the look, then the kids, all the time keeping up with the jones’s. Pushing and pushing to keep up so we can measure up. every new acquired gadget or toy placing us one step ahead, proving we are worthy and that maybe – one day – our dreams will come true.

Every action has a reaction and unfortunately you cannot build or grow something that doesn’t receive your action. simply wishing or dreaming it will not make it happen. waiting until the comfort level is of such so your able to , will never happen. as your comfort level grows so does your natural instinct for things to remain the same. and sudden change becomes more scary and further away.

“his palms are sweaty, and his weak arms are heavy!” … ” there is vomit on his sweater already” …

Last year, when I made the decision to leave my comfort zone, it was surely a decision out of desperation for my life to be more. After the initial rush of adrenaline died down and the sociopath in me came back to reality, fear made its presence known. It crept in slowly, wanting to bargain or re kindle bridges.  it’s lingering quickly turning into permanent residence in my mind and eating away my self confidence. Fear for the survival, fear for protection, fear for my own limited ability , fear of failure.

” he is nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready to drop BOMS – but he keeps on forgetting what he wrote down, Now the whole crowd … they go so load… but the words.. they wont come out. its over now, clocks run out, times up – its over. ”

Snapping back into reality is quite the shivering experience. Once you there and you left it all behind and now’s the time to shine, its sometimes where we trip and fall. we try, and we put ourselves out there and we tell people our dream and our passion. While its met with smiles and appreciation for living life, it doesn’t lead to your survival. Following your passion will come with expenses and long before you reached the goal, the obstacles of the journey will surely wear you down.  your methods, what you think you know and the practicality of living your ultimate passion will not meet your standards and it will most certainly not play out how you planned. potholes and negative energies, disillusion of partnerships and finding your tribe to make it work are all at play. you control nothing.

” that’s when its back to the lab again” ” he is so mad but he wont give up that easily, no he wont have it” “I’ve been chewed up and spit out and boo’d of stage”

Life shows me these rare individuals and sometimes I am blessed enough to know them well. Life shows me people who push forward to reach everything they believe they can be with what is available to them.  Life shows me people and their unique skills and I am in awe.  In a world designed to make us give up – they don’t.

People that sold their cars, gave up their homes, spend their pensions and some leaving their countries and families behind in search of reaching the dream. waking up everyday in adverse conditions pushing themselves forward. And when you look at them in any given 6 month time frame it all looks like their stagnant or second class. How can I call them successful if everyday they strive for survival. when their businesses don’t run perfect, their homes need renovations and every so often the car needs a push start.  its because these people have something – a fire in them and a light in the eyes. you never hear them say – victim. you always hear them say – tomorrow we try again.

” this world is mine for the taking – make me king ” …” I cannot grow old in Salem’s Lot, so here i go – here is MY SHOT” … ” success is my only MF option , failures not”

Never forget – your are one in 400 million. You have your ideas for a reason. you have that fire burning in you for a reason. I hope you find the ability to step out of the comfort zone and follow that passion. make it happen. I hope you use what is available to you and what is not to make that the next goal. I hope you keep pushing for your dream and never give it up.

I look back over the last year and what I have learnt in business that I thought I already knew. I look back at the new relationships I have made and the bridges I have burned and I remember my own words – chicken shit, might be chicken soup for the soul. Stop playing a finite game where all you do is survive. start playin the infinite game as Simon Sinek says, and do better than you did yesterday. Be more for you because being alive, is not the same as living.


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