Perceptions and their connections to Reality


I used to tell people I have a spider diagram mind. I would take one piece of information, enter it into the system and then each possible ending from that specific entry point would appear to me. This way I would always know, with a lot of conviction that I knew what would happen. I put 100% faith in the data I collected.

A few years ago, I experienced the most traumatizing event of my life. a Divorce.

My Marriage, to my great realization, had many faces and it turns out- not all of them were meant for Showbusiness.

Based on my input data, I was living the magical dream of two bestfriends who also share the deepest connection, lovebirds with the house and 2 kids and the dogs and the family photoshoots and it was just perfect. As I understood at the time of the breakup, it was never really quite like that for my husband. My husband had a lonely distrusting and disrespectful experience. A Life built over 17 years for one was magic and the other a Dungeon.

Our perceptions are never quite the true reality, is a concept I have been exploring ever since. Finding the balance between what I am experiencing thru my senses and between the actual evidential information presented. So Psychology says, your senses send information to your brain who then sends it to the thelmus and then attaches some form of emotional connection to the event. The emotional response triggers a secondary response – OUR REACTION.  Psychology says, if we can alter the released emotion, we will alter the REACTION.

So I went in search of individuals who had managed to re train the brain and experience these changes in their lives. who were able to say –

ok, these are the facts  – this is how the fact makes me feel – based on the human that I am, this is how I choose to respond.

I found loads of interesting information and the studies being done around the world are so complex and simple at the same time. The mind truly is the greatest wonder ever made. Most of the study lead me down the path of Yogi’s and Guru’s which later transformed into motivational speakers and then later into deeper spiritual connectors like herbs and plants.

Managing my perceptions helps me to manage my expectations. Asking myself questions about why I choose to REACT a certain way before I actually react, has given me access to empathy. Perception adjustment requires a lot of ego work. The ability to place yourself in another’s shoes in true reality is impossible, but to perceive their perception is a form of love. Perceptions are nothing but our interpretation of our experiences. The easiest thing to do when adjusting your perceptions are to use your senses so long as your emotional connections have been rewired too receiving instead of taking.

All of life’s topics relates back to this idea of perception VS Reality. It leads back to our health and our relationships. Our ability to make money and our ability to enjoy happiness.

I have patients that simply want to feel better. They don’t know what or why specifically, but their lives are just not fulfilling them. There’s just something missing. With the use of spiritual psychology I attempt at giving them a key to unlock their perceptions to new possibilities, whatever those possibilities are for them. using a variety of techniques over a few weeks together you too will be able to adjust your perceptions to experience happiness. Finding happiness starts with securing what is real for you. What is real for you, can also be a very sensitive question to answer. it requires you to be real, with no perceptions.

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