What exactly is Nyamuka about?

Fungi, from legacy to legacy.

My spiritual Journey really started in 2017. When I had a dream from God that i had 5 years to save South Africa and help its people be healthy. 

4 years later and I have built a life around healing all kinds of people with a Natural and holistic approach. Nyamuka is the name of my ancestor that has driven me to the space I am in right now in my life.

Nyamuka identifies as a Herbal healer. Being of Khoi San Decent, Nyamuka is constantly looking for fresh air, the wilderness and the bushveld. Every cell in my body drives me to work with Natural remedies, to help people elevate spiritually and to live happy lives. 

So while we are able to perform Sangoma services, our passion lies in the natural treatment of physical ailments. Using western medicine study on the Human Psyche, we attempt at healing any emotional or mental trauma that may have lead to the physical symptom presenting as an ailment.

at Nyamuka, a combination therapy is used to ensure a natural holistic healing process. Helping with obesity, depression, asthma, restless legs, painful hands, chronic sinus, heartburn and acne treatments. We combine body cleansing and food choices with active lifestyles both physically and socially.

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