The difference between a Homeopath & a Herbalist.

Extractions vs full plant use

Homeopathic medicine is usually offered by a licensed homeopath. The benefit they have is that hey are able to work with plant extractions. They are herbal doctors that know so much about plants and how to treat patients holistically. Most homeopaths do not place an element of Mental wellbeing as a factor in the patients physical health. Some homeopaths offer additional natural healing like Reiki or acupuncture. They are able to produce products like creams, soaps and oil blends for health treatments.

A herbalist is a person that works with full plant extracts, predominantly offering you tea blends and dry herb rubs and pain oils. in Traditional healing when working with a herbalist you will explain your ailments to the healer and they will start to experience a sense of ‘taking over’ by ancestors who will then blend your treatment for you. This treatment should not be shared as it was blended with your energy and spirit in mind. The effect of the treatment will not be the same if medicine is shared.

Herbal doctors in all forms are very passionate about natural healing and living healthy lifestyles. Being conscious of the things we put into our bodies and taking responsibility for living more healthy lives.  


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