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But do Sangomas even believe in a form of God?

Who and what God is, have been on humans lips for thousands of years.  In my opinion, god is the picture you formed about life and all the ups and downs offered while experiencing it. 

All ancient cultures believed in some form  an ultimate creator. This creator almost always takes spirit and enters it into human. This means we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. What you make of this human experience and how you choose to experience life is all up to you. Every human journey starts with the conditions required to form and shape the adult human you will become. Sure, some of us experience more or less the same trauma, same happiness, same economic and social environments but our own experiences can never match completely that of anyone else. Our mind creates its own unique perceptions. It’s own heaven or hell. 

I cannot speak for other traditional healers in the broad spectrum when it comes to the belief in God. 

But if you believe in a god, then think of the concept of ancestors like this.

Guardian angels, gods love, spirit guides or some higher power that loves you and wants only the best for you. setting tasks and challenges to test your humanness and to help you attain a higher level of spiritual understanding.

Sangomas follow a sense of life where

Respect for all life, including plants and animals is highly important.

Gratitude is expressed for everything and thanks is given constantly for all we have available to us.

Trust in the game of life, that all things have balance and in order to experience a high level of spiritual connection, you must experience pain and learn from it. 

Unconditional love must be practiced with everything we preserve into our consciousness. 

Humbling ourselves to a higher spiritual connection and to remember we are what we are because of the suffering of life before us, for us. 

As for me, I do believe in a spiritual creator and I choose daily to live by the above principles. I am human, and to error is human, but I know I was created in love and for a purpose of higher spiritual meaning.


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