What exactly do Sangomas do?

The illegal Muti trade and the misconceptions between cultures leaves a whole world of ancient knowledge untapped.

In African Communities Sangoma’s and traditional healing plays a large role in the choice people make when seeking health advice. Everyone grew up with a Sangoma close by, however even though respected, not everyone is so excited to make use of it.

Many people fear Sangoma’s as they believe a Sangoma has the power to place evil spells or may even send a thokoloshe their way. Sangomas are mostly portrayed in TV and Movies as dirty, scary and witchcrafty. The illegal muti trade and the misconceptions between cultures leaves a whole world of ancient knowledge untapped. 

Across the world you will find cultures with older traditions all making use of prophets and mystics.  A Sangoma is nothing but the African version of these variants. A sangoma, like any psychic or other traditional seer in tribal communities,  is a person that can communicate with the spiritual rhelm and they use these gifts to help people solve their problems. The line of communication between sangoma and ancestors is always open and messages are received in visions, dreams and thru the use of dollos ( bone throwing .  Sangoma’s spend a lot of time cleansing the energy around them and in their homes as they are well aware of the power of energy and its movement. 

Most Sangoma’s act as well as Herbalists because of the misconceptions surrounding what they actually do. Medicine mixes are made specific to each patient as no two people are the same and therefore require their own specific treatment. Traditional healers who identify only as herbalists do not communicate with ancestors and therefore work from recipes while mixing your medicine. This form of treatment might be effective for smaller illnesses like colds and flu, gastro or cuts and bruises. A sangoma will be the healer to perform the larger variety of treatments such as cleansing you and your loved ones of evil spirits or rebalancing the energy in your house or fixing a broken marriage. 

Sangomas use a variety of ingredients for their Muti mixes and they are not necessarily all plant based as all of the earth is considered to be a par of us as humans, the medicine also comprises of a variety of earths wonders. 

Sangoma’s services come with pricey tags, but most often people require more of a spiritual counselling and good blend of herbal tea. 


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