What’s hiding underneath, always seems to be lurking. The truth will always come out.

The heat is on now. The final count down has begun and it brings with it new adventures. My outfit is being made. The goats, the sheep and the hukus are being bought. The dollos training is completed.

My now 5 ancestors have all come out and been introduced and shown themselves. Celebrations are the order of the day. My fears have been swept away and doors are opening for me left right and center. I am Sangoma and there is no way I can hide from who I am. You either accept me as I am or you move out the way. I cannot explain or justify myself. I feel complete for the first time in my life. I am happy from the inside . My fire burning for the first time as a continuous flame. No longer a fiery Bush fire but instead a warming camp fire. I feel at peace.

I don’t even feel sad anymore for the people that USED me. I feel satisfied that I had the opportunity to give and therefore to grow. Whatever their selfishness left them with is their karma to deal with.

Final stretch leaves me with the part where they hide stuff from me. And I have to find it. I was scared at the thought since if you know me. you will know how forgetful I am. How I loose things right in front of my eyes.

Somehow I manage to find my things during this part of the training. I myself am so surprised when i do it… I dance with joy. The gall bladder of a goat will be given to me to eat on graduation day (11 September). Once I manage to find it infront of everyone. Then my ancestors will have settled inside me and the drumming will come to an end. It’s important that you try and show up for me on this day. Even if it’s just for an hour. If I have ever helped you to grow. Even just made you think about life for a moment. Please. Show up for me. It means more than you could ever understand.

It’s one thing to be told your a sangoma . But to actually witness the effect of your power is truly a strange feeling. I still have moments where I seek out the old. the more familiar and I miss it. I miss being “normal” but as I grow and get stronger I am also excited for the future.NYAMUKA.COM will launch in September. Along with my store in menlyn and my mdoumpa at my home. I have selected certain products to launch with as the variety is too large for me to understand all of it so soon. Once graduated as an official sangoma. My training on the herbs will start. Seeing patients is the only way to learn what gets mixed with what for whom. My homecoming will be on 13 September. Another day I am deeply looking forward to. An official date to the start of a new challenge.

Now that I have my store after 4 years of begging for it. I get to finally Express the me that’s been inside for so long. Free I will be. Excited I am. (Lol)My motivation and advice everyone loves me for. (Smiles sarcastically) Now wont just come spilling out of me. Since it’s not me giving it. I have no lesson for this week except to tell you to follow your dream. Fight the odds. Loose your security. Go barefoot. Be humble. Be grateful. Be true and be honest. Let go of the safe zone and fight for who you are.AS Mandela said… it all seems impossible until it’s done. Shine my loved ones. Shine.

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