Do you believe in Miracles?

Because it’s like magic.

Small part of my daily routine. Drumming sessions. They now happen once a day. In the evenings.

Sjoe… the work out.

Lost 4kg in 2 weeks. I have 5 left to reach my goal weight.

No sugar no milk no bread.

And then this. I didn’t even realise I had muscle under that flab. But the pain in my gut is a clear indication.

My 3 ancestors. Each one gets a chance to come out and portray their wants and needs.

Whether or not they are happy with me. If they need to be presented in a specific way. Or if they need me to have certain things so as to display them on my body.
Today is the start of week 3.

If this blog had to be a daily update. Your thoughts would be as scrambled as mine…

From the extreme lows to the extreme highs.

This is not easy, it’s not a vacation. I don’t get an off day or an off afternoon. From Sunday to Sunday I am in school. From 3 am to 8 PM.

The best part about the experience is the training on the herbs.

From a natural panado. To deworming babies with herbs. Teething soothers. Rash removers. Pimple cleaners and mood balancers.

The world of herbs is just so incredible.

This week my Dollos training starts. I throu the bones but my ancestors decide how they fall. Sharing a message with the patient from their ancestors.

I am excited, but the training will be intense.

This is also said to be a cold week ahead. And since I am sleeping in a hut on the floor, I am not looking forward to it.

Things have never been more clear.

I know exactly what I want. And how I am going to get there. I still have days where I just want to pack up and leave. As I say that to myself I also get to refirm myself as I know I didn’t come this far to quit now.

I have the power of a lion. The strength of an elephant and the wisdom of the water.

Things will get more intense and more complicated from here and then bam , it will be all over.

My Gobela says if I keep performing like this we could be looking at a graduation ceremony by 18 September. Exactly 2 months from now.

I already know that emotions will rise and fall over the coming weeks. But I will complete this task. I hope all of you will join me for my graduation as it will be a marking point in my life. The start of a new person with a new name.

As the days go by until I see you again. Please don’t forget your blessings. To be humble and to serve wherever possible. Don’t feel guilty about letting go of things and people that don’t vibrate on your level anymore.

God be with you and protect you.
Thokoza Gogo.

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