Sex, Seduction and Saints

Energy is continually flowing attracting it’s own kind.

I was sexually abused as a child. Molested.

Took me years to “figure that shit out” and not openly display and “daddy issues” I might have had.

Mrs Piggy is the name I gave my alter ego. The one who enjoys being tied up hands and feet spread out against the wall posts in the living room. While being called a dirty little girl and being wiped. Mrs Piggy, the one who enjoys the abuse she gets while being taken hard. The one who cries for sex and gets violent at a failed orgasmic experience. For Mrs Piggy, submission is a choice. Being the fragile innocent by stander to a ravaging sexual encounter. Submission for this girl goes beyond the word horny, definingly not in the vanilla ice cream isle.

For a woman like me, that laughs in the face of these so called “macho” men, that will snap back at any man who tries to control me, Who dominates every encounter with power and doesn’t take no for an answer, this alter ego gets to live the other side of life.

One where the decision making, the power of the play and the next move is not determined by me. I don’t have to be strong and powerful. I need to just obey.
The problem is. If I dominate the conversation, I won’t submit in the bedroom. I won’t let you “take me”. It will be on my terms and that’s not really submission. It most certainly won’t end with you on top either.

And submitting to someone that doesn’t come with power, means ultimate satisfaction wont be reached. And needs to submit in conversation leads to the need to dominate in the bedroom. As a sub, it doesn’t sit well with me.

Seduction, like Manipulation works just like that. It’s all about taking for yourself and your needs. Yet every once in a while each of us wants to be seduced. To feel like we are desperately needed and only us can make it better. That we are wanted exactly as we are.

So even when we know were being seduced, when they say all the right things even thou their eyes tell us their game, we still allow it. So for a brief moment we can let go. maybe trust. Submit to the unknown.

Energy exchanges how ever “playful” or “vanilla” are required for our brains to function normally. we unobjectionably desire (because even if we are unhappy, it’s better than being alone) what we can submit to or dominate.

The more balanced the role in the power play. The less of a thrill. (Typically referred to as love making) different area of the brain.
The art of Seduction is used every single day by everyone of us during every encounter we have.

Not just for sex. oh no, we use it every time we engage socially, professionally. It’s all about the power dynamic and how you balance it.

Sometimes you fight to be on top, sometimes you willingly submit.

Sometimes the reward is not worth the effort and an attempt at DIY works well for us.

You also cannot be a taker all the time. giving back is essential. So balancing the desires and needs within us to a degree where satisfaction is achieved means you need clear goals and direction.

You cannot dominate or submit or not participate every time. You need to Ying and Yang it a bit

  1. Define who you truly are, your authentic self.
  2. Be clear on what you need and what you want in order to be that being.
  3. Establish boundaries for what you will tolerate in that space.
  4. Practice self discipline as a routine for what you need in your life.
  5. Make space for the things you want in your life.
  6. If it’s easy your not doing it right. And will probably end with being unfulfilled.
  7. Be thankful for how you got there and grateful for the fact that you made it.
  8. At the end of the day it’s more about the motion of the ocean than the boat.

As my first month here comes to an end.

So did a few of my plans. While others had been risen from the ashes.

Submission is not on the cards for me just yet.

Dominance is the only way forward for a little while. And I am ready to whip some butt

With my graduation date approaching, a lot of preparation is required. And keeping my head about it has been daunting. Trying to find a balance between
Submitting to my situation and dominating my future.

So many changes and losses and disrespect has left me lonely this week.

Really missing the physical contact but it’s the deep emotional connection I miss most.

However, Ready to rise from the ashes like the Phoenix that I am.

For now I wish you a week full of barefeet, respect and trust. Submitting to the unknown and loving yourself.

Be humble and grateful.

Play with your alter ego a bit and use the energy to find some balance.

Dominate your goals and be clear on your boundaries.

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